The Story of Cirkolor Pen

You might remember your young children or younger brothers or sisters, so focused on drawing something on a piece of paper or carefully filling colors in the blank areas of a pre-lined art coloring book.  How they were so concentrated and didn’t see, hear or feel anything around them.  And, you enjoy that moment, watching them.  I do too!

When my 3 year old daughter was learning to fill in colors in coloring pages like other kids, I watched her try very hard to manage to hold the crayons and add colors without making the color go outside the lines. Her tiny hand was not ready to control the stick-shaped crayons, pencils, or colored pens and manipulate fine movement.  Children’s muscle coordination is not as developed, just yet, as older kids or adults.  I remember seeing and recognizing her frustration because I remember mine as well when I was her age.

I observed and realized the natural shape of children’s hands tend to better hold objects with round shapes rather than stick shapes. So I found a yoyo, drilled a hole, and put a crayon in the hole.  I passed the yoyo to my daughter and asked her to try.  She was able to manage drawing momentarily.  Then, I added a few more holes and put in different colored crayons in each hole, and she was happy to switch colors easily.   

Years later, when my daughter became older, she was cleaning her room and found the yoyo ball with crayon she used when she was younger.  She came to me and asked me if I could make it into a real pen product, so other kids can benefit from this round-shaped pen like she did before.  So, I started designing the Cirkolor Pen as what you see today.  Hope you all have an easy and fun experience!